Brew Your Own Beer

Have you ever fancied making your own beer from a beer kit?

There has never been a better time and there are some very good reasons to give homebrew beer a go; beer for a party, increasing pub prices, the tax!

Save Money

Did you know that more than a third of the price of a pub pint is tax? Makes you think doesn't it.

I'm not suggesting we all stop drinking in pubs. Far from it. We need to support our local pubs.

However sometimes it makes sense to be able to have a pint of beer at home with friends and save money in the process.

Buy A Kit Now

The kits shown in the pictures below are reasonably priced and will do just that. You can make your own very good quality beer for less than 50p a pint.


Types of Beer Kit

Beer starter kit with a barrel

This picture shows a beer starter kit which uses a barrel. No bottles are required here, just pour straight from the barrel into youtr glass.

Beer starter kit with bottles

This next picture shows a starter kit which comes not only with bottles but also everything you need including a getting started dvd.

Beer refill kit

Our third picture shows a refill kit which is all you will need once you are ready to start your second batch of beer.

Make Your Own Beer At Home - It's Easy, It's Fun and It Saves You Money.

If you have never tried making your own beer, give it a go today.

Homebrew Gift Ideas

A beer starter kit also makes a great present. Why not treat someone you know to a complete homebrew starter kit. Who knows, you may get some beer back in return. If they already have the starter equipment, you could buy them a beer kit i.e. the ingredients to make their next batch of homebrew beer.

If you are still not convinced or need a little help, then why not have a look through our Top 10 Homebrew Christmas Gifts or our Homebrew Gift Ideas where you can find all sorts of good ideas for homebrew gifts and presents.

If you tried making beer, cider or wine years ago and were disappointed with the results, you will find that the art of home brew has moved on a long way recently. It really is easy to brew great tasting beer in your own home.

For a quick guide, see our "How to Brew Beer" page. Or if you want to jump straight in and have a go, click here and see some more of the beer starter kits available like the one pictured above.