Homebrew Beer

Make Your Own Beer At Home - It's Easy, It's Fun and It Saves You Money

homebrew beer kitHave you ever fancied making your own beer from a beer kit? There has never been a better time and there are some very good reasons to give homebrew beer a go; beer for a party, increasing pub prices, the tax.

Did you know that more than a third of the price of a pub pint is tax? Makes you think doesn't it. I'm not suggesting we all stop drinking in pubs. Far from it. We need to support our local pubs. However sometimes it makes sense to be able to have a pint of beer at home with friends and save money in the process.

The kit shown in the picture above is reasonably priced and will do just that. You can make your own very good quality beer for less than 50p a pint.

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Homebrew Gift Ideas

A beer starter kit also makes a great present. Why not treat someone you know to a complete homebrew starter kit. Who knows, you may get some beer back in return. If they already have the starter equipment, you could buy them a beer kit i.e. the ingredients to make their next batch of homebrew beer.

If you are still not convinced or need a little help, then why not have a look through our Top 10 Homebrew Christmas Gifts or our Homebrew Gift Ideas where you can find all sorts of good ideas for homebrew gifts and presents.

If you tried making beer, cider or wine years ago and were disappointed with the results, you will find that the art of home brew has moved on a long way recently. It really is easy to brew great tasting beer in your own home.

For a quick guide, see our "How to Brew Beer" page. Or if you want to jump straight in and have a go, click here and see some more of the beer starter kits available like the one pictured above.

Make bitter, lager, real ale or cider

Some of the best brewers in the market place now make some surprisingly good home brew kits and ingredients, with which you can produce excellent beer in your own home.

You can make your own lager, bitter, real ale, Belgian beer and many others. So have a look around our homebrew site at some of the homebrew supplies that are available.

If you want to see the range of starter kits available, see our Homebrew Starter Kit page. Or you can browse our homebrew equipment guide here.

Homebrew Beer, Lager and Cider

homebrew beer starter kitIf you have made home brew beer before and are just here to look for some first class beer making equipment and home brew supplies, then we have just what you are looking for. Not just beer making accessories, there are also lager and cider homebrew kits and ingredients. We find the best deals and bring them to you here. All you have to do is click, brew and drink.

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Brew Belgian Beer

Homebrew Belgian BeerFancy a change from the normal beer? Want to try a different brew? How about some Belgian beers? Plenty of Belgian beer kits are available. There are some excellent Belgian Kriek, Framboise, Abbey, Triple and Christmas ales available. Just click here to take a look at our Homebrew Belgian Beer page to see the range.

So whether you are just wanting to try a home brew kit, are looking for some reasonably priced ales for you and your friends to enjoy or are considering setting up your own home micro-brewery, why not give home made beers, wines and ciders a try.